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Before Lent was the tradition we understand today, an opportunity for church members to repent and seek spiritual renewal, it had a different meaning. Originally it was understood as an intense season of preparation for “Catechumens” (converts under training) who were preparing to be baptized on Easter. The church would walk with these new believers by encouraging, supporting, and praying for them towards the greatest of celebrations: Easter Sunday.

At the end of February, we wrapped up a two-month series called None Like Him, in which we studied the incommunicable attributes of God. In other words, the ways God is vastly different from humans. Through this series we came face-to-face with how we foolishly and pridefully try to be like God instead of trusting God to provide everything we need. Having experienced the King in all his majesty and glory, how do we respond? This is the incredible grace and love of God: he invites us to come near and commune with him. We are diving into this invitation by spending a month in the Lord’s Prayer (Matthew 6:9-13), and have designed this Lenten guide with prayer in mind.

We encourage you to dive deep into Lent. Use this guide to work through areas of your life that distract you from the Lord and clutter your heart and mind. Traditionally Lent observers pick something to fast from throughout the 40 days of Lent. Consider what will allow you to draw closer to God the most, and exercise courage in your decisions to fast. If you’re new to fasting, this website provides helpful information on how and why we fast. Another practice is to add elements of spiritual practice, and we would encourage you to add prayer in as a part of your day. Imagine the impact on our lives if we are daily walking in dependence on God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

You can download a digital version of this year’s Lenten Prayer Guide by clicking here.