We know that there are many business owners who are heartbroken and are unsure how they might be able to recover from a scenario like this. Yet if our attention goes just to the riots and to the damage done we miss the spark that ignited such a hot fire and such an important one. Our black brothers and sisters have been treated with injustice and now it’s on us to do something. The Holy Spirit is going to move in the midst of our apathy and use us to bring systematic change. Let’s lament with our brothers and sisters but let us also bring the change that the Holy Spirit desires to bring. Let’s start a robust conversation that turns into significant action. Pray with us.

Our country is in distress due to the violence that African Americans are suffering.  Our black brothers and sisters have been crying out for over 400 years. As white Americans we have been tone deaf to it, ignorant to it, or have looked the other way. We have been silent all too long. The Holy Spirit has not been silent, though, on the issue of racism. He speaks very directly to it and teaches us very specifically about it. The white evangelical church has turned a silent ear toward it. If you have been silent towards racism, you are in unrepentant sin and we have to repent and turn back to the goodness of God and pursue the equality of all image-bearers. Every human being bears the image of God himself. He loves us and gave his only son for us and as we watch an entire people group suffer disproportional violence and turn a blind eye, we are grieving the Holy Spirit and we must come to a place where we stand with our brothers and sisters and beg that the Holy Spirit would move in our country and it our lives. It’s on us as white followers of Christ.

Two years ago we brought Pastor Leonce Crump in to help us deal with this issue of racism. He told us that we needed to do three things.

1. We need to become theologians.

2. We need to become historians.

3. We need to be come relational.    

Conversation on the Gospel & Race

with Pastor Leonce Crump and others.